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LWR-001 GogglePuss - You have to work too bitch!
LWR-002 Czuba - Broken Machines
LWR-003 Czuba - Record of a hearing test
LWR-004 GogglePuss - 20 Children's Favorites
LWR-005 Bzdura - My week beats your year

LWR-006 Burndata - Mastering Noise

LWR-007 Weepy Young devotchka - Self-titled
LWR-008 Czuba - On the fringes of established order
LWR-009 GogglePuss - Wake me up saturday morning
LWR-010 Dupa - Ultra Obscure Obsurdity
LWR-011 Monsieur M - Playing with my records and T.V.
LWR-012 Madame Wang - See her live
LWR-013 AmeriCancer - Around every dark corner
LWR-014 Boy Genius - Sampling with impunity
LWR-015 Graphic Acts of Traffic (GAT) - Self-titled
LWR-016 Eshod Ibn Wyza - We are that we are
LWR-017 Eshod Ibn Wyza - Internal Mindscheme
LWR-018 Eshod Ibn Wyza - Let's the ego waffle
LWR-019 Day of the Maniac
LWR-020 Eshod Ibn Wyza - Ravenous
LWR-021 Corvid Lorax - Kalashni-Cancerous
LWR-022 Tzadeka - Self-titled
LWR-023 Lazarush - Pali Ola
LWR-024 Corvid Lorax - N.I.C.E. (Ninja's in cities everywhere)
LWR-025 Hypolyte 'A' - Aphelion Star Fragment
LWR-026 D.B. Buxton - Dirty dance party
LWR-027 Corvid Lorax - Encyclopedia Insanica
LWR-028 AzvieKeem - Forged Ethnicity
LWR-029 LWR presents 30 bands you never heard...
LWR-030 Little Whore of Shoppers Sampler
LWR-031 Harley Shit fingers and the Bogus Gambler E.P.
LWR-032 Corvid Lorax - Chin E.P.
LWR-033 StepChild - Problem Child E.P.
LWR-034 La Bete - Nom de plume
LWR-035 Lazarush - SAWM

LWR-036 Tzadeka - Piece de resistance

LWR-037 Ali Seifi E.P.

LWR-038 Motel Hell Vol 1

LWR-039 Acta Non Verba - Viva La Vulva
LWR-040 AmeriCancer - Same Shit Different Pile
LWR-041 Euro Pops Vol. 1 - A tribute to Ennio Morricone
LWR-042 Acta Non Verba - Et Tu Brute
LWR-043 Motel Hell Vol 2
LWR-044 Corvid Lorax - Die A Little
LWR-045 Tzadeka - Beats and Bass are the basis of my thesis
LWR-046 Paisteez - Woodrat
LWR-047 StepChild - Stages E.P.
LWR-048 Tzadeka - Half the Pain is the Half the Work
LWR-049 Madame Wang's 1Ups
LWR-050 Half a Loaf of Whore (Best of LWR, 4 Disc boxset)
LWR-051 Tzadeka - Cities on Fire
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