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Tzadeka - Tzadeka

Tzadek means righteous, Tzadeka is a righteous women. Tzadeka is also a collaboration between Producer Madame Wang and Singing artist Maigan van der Giessen.

Maigan is best known for her musical work with the Eshod Ibn Wyza clan but her roots start out as a young 13 year old busker. From the streets she learned to cultivate her musical sensiblities into something that inspires a passion for music that continues today. Having worked with the Eshod crew on 4 albums and dozens of other musical collaborations, Maigan has finally come out with a solo project that incorporates some of her best styles.

www.Tzadeka.com for more info on that.

Limited edition artwork



Lazarush - Pali Ola

Lazarush has risen from the ashes of a crow. Louis 'Ruhesh' Williams solo effort is an album thats hard to peg in any particular genre. What closely resembles hip-hop, constantly veers crazily on the road of normalcy. Lazarush's style of vocal delivery is very passionate on a myriad of the worlds troubles.

This is a collection of demo songs and a short E.P. of Lazarush's efforts before his first proper solo effort.

Part passionate plea, to part passionate metaphor. This is Lazarush.

Louis is best known for his crazy Bad Brains influenced vocal style in the musical group Eshod Ibn Wyza.

Rise Lazarush! Rise!


Corvid Lorax - N.I.C.E. (Ninjas in cities everywhere)

Corvid Lorax's sophomore effort gets three thumbs up here at LWR, (He's going to hate me calling it sophomore a word he detests). Corvid Lorax raps about Sneak attacks, selling dope, getting hassled by police and bureaucrats, and turning into a robot.

15 tracks, featuring Conspiracy, Pasteez, Soular Warrior, Magnum Mosquito, Crow-box One-String. Produced by Madame Wang.

If anyone is familiar with CLX's style then they will love this album for sure.

Check out www.CorvidLorax.com for more info.

CLX is back!



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