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gogglepuss - Wake me up Saturday Morning

Gogglepuss is back with his third release expanding on his cartoon kitsch sound, plus demonstrating more ept turntable 'Technics'.

This album is his best yet, proggresing nicely into fine form with songs that twist sold breaks with coughing, car crashes, crazy clowns, and children clapping. Gogglepuss can be found every Saturday morining sampling his favorite cartoon ditties to create a new genre on music called Skip-Hop, Check it out!

gogglepuss is nice!



Czuba - On the Fringes of established order

Czuba's third album is a continuation of the process of musical alienation from all forms of mainstrem consciousness. Aptly titled this cd shows you what music is like when it's on the edge of whats considered "normal".

Using small bits of familiarty interwoven with a multitude of experimentation, this album is nothing short of digital anarchy.




Weepy Young Devotchka - Self-Titiled

Janusz Krefkowski and Sheldon Seymour pump out another album of up-tempo jazztronica/breakbeat.

Sampling like motherfuckers from many diffrent media sources, and adding percussion, plus a little experimentation, throw in some turntables and a horn or two, and this is what you get. 10 songs and easly the most conventional release on Little Whore Records.

Weepy Young Devotchka



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