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Eshod Ibn Wyza - Let's the Ego Waffle

Eshod Ibn Wyza's stunning Triple cd Release. Packaged in a limited to 299 Hand-crafted box, Includes Lyric booklet, and interchangable window card. Over 50 tracks spanning 3 cd's.Eshod Let's the Ego waffle on this release, this is Eshod's most unrestrained release thus far. All 9 members contributed to this limited release, it's been called, "A kind of Bohemian Wu-Tang clan".

Mainstream hip-hop seems to revolve around impersonal, image-based rap stars. But I think the underground, and hence the future of hip-hop, more revolves around locality, community, and a sense of connection, relation or identity between the artists and their fans. These guys have this in spades.

Get some waffle Before its gone



Eshod Ibn Wyza - Internal Mindscheme

Eshod Ibn Wyza second album is a concept recording taking you into the life of Eshod Ibn Wyza for one day. Plays as one long track for 80 minites that takes you on a musical journey to Eshod Land. Get really intimate with all the characters that make up this recording called INTERNAL MINDSCHEME.


Day in the life of eshod



Eshod Ibn Wyza - We are that we are

Eshod Ibn Wyza's First Album is a 6 song Demo EP that came out in 2003 and quickly sold out in it's first pressing.

This album showcases this groups intial forrays into recording their dynamic talents.

Although Eshod Ibn Wyza were formed much prior to this release this initial recording, other vocal recording of individual members was carried out on a one to one basis before the formation of Eshod Ibn Wyza.

rare only 120 in print



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