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La Bete - Nom de plume CD


La Bete is an avant-garde/Jazz fusion band from Edmonton, Alberta.

Fronted by the captivating Vocalist Maigan Vandergiessen, with her band (Zenon Salomski's on bass, Marek Czuba on drums, and Enrique Escalo's on Guitar) she flows through the divide between dream and reality with grace.

Enter a landscape under the wild woven trees of jazzy grooves cherished into some partly free chaos, now and then struck down by odd rhythms and crazy scales.

Vandergiessen and Producer Madame Wang travel beyond any experimental work here, the phrases being sharp and intense. Zenon Salomski has a strong and firm background in the jazz and other improv scenes, which prompt him to value and establish sophisticated vogues of languages. Enrique Escalo is at ease in all exploratory elements. All artists are at home in free languages and improvisation which is an apex for euphonic adventures.

Many of the compositions are copious, luxurious sound explorations and often poignant and remarkable as in “Rhymes With Jack ”.  “She's a Lady ” with vocalist Ali Seifi is a swinging piece that sparks along with the space and mastery of the acoustics to great effect. Fluent and mysterious, every piece has a hypnotic flow. The instrumentation is simple and the effects very complex.







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