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Madame Wang - See her live

Madame Wang Consist of Adam Kostecki, Talking Tree, Goytom, Burndata, and Marek. This group Improvised a whole album in one sitting, Using Turntables, Micorphones, Guitars, Samplers, and an Old Radio plugged into a effects machine. Track after track of insane music composed on the go with 5 talented musicians.

As with other edge forms that push the limits of a particular form of expression, there is little agreement as to the boundaries of experimental music, even amongst its practitioners. On the one hand, some experimental music is an extension of traditional music, adding unconventional instruments, modifications to instruments, noises, and other novelties to compositions. At the other extreme, there are performances that most listeners would not characterize as music at all.

Who says improvised isin't good



Monsieur M - Playing with my Records and T.V.

The Mysterious Monsieur M, (who's whole aestetic is second-hand media) drops two long tracks on his latest manifestation. Track 1 (26:00 min) has Monsieur M showing off his revolutionary Turntable techniques, mixing funk, movie kitsch, polka, 80's midi files and anything else he finds in his big bag of pop culture.

On Track 2 listen as he explores whats on the wasteland called the T.V., surfing for 35:00 minites you'll be shocked what you hear.This masked man consumes mass amounts of media and then regurgitates it back in your face.

Monsieur M, makes his move.



DUPA - Ultra Obscure obsurdity

Don't let this album cover fool you, this is a highly enjoyable slice of electronica. Semi-conventional structred songs using the most unconventional sounds, tape collage, french divas, and other cultural oddities.

Listening to this album is like eating a large, diverse 9 course meal thats hits your stomach and does'nt settle, but rather jumps around till your digestive organs process it. Touted as Little Whore Records best release of 2001, Get you copy of this limited 100 pressing.

Looks Erotic, it ain't!




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