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Corvid lorax - Kalashni-Cancerous

Corvid Lorax is back, Eshod ibnless that is. Corvid's ill style is here in solo format. 16 tracks with over 10 guest MC's. You wanted it here it is.

Corvid Lorax is one of the most premier up and coming hip-hop artists in Canada today. You may know him from songs such as 'Murderous' and his work with Eshod Ibn Wyza, and here he continues his fine lyrical form, Hooking up on tracks with a ton of local flavor.

An album about the big C and Kalashnikovs is due Dec. 30 2006, check out www.CorvidLorax.com for more info on that.

Corvid Lorax killin it!



Eshod Ibn Wyza - Ravenous

Back with a album thats going seriously kicks ass, you need to get your hands on a copy of this album.

EIW most comprehensive, thought provoking, ground breaking, revolutionary sound finally captured on CD. This album Features 6 digital Tracks and 6 Live instrumental Tracks giving you a the full flavor of the Eshod Clan.


Eshod's best effort


Day of the Maniac

This is some of the most disturbing stuff we have folks, the pure rantings of a madman set to some fucking creepy music. If you wanted inside a crazed killers head here it is.

One part pure experimentation, one part pure madness, this cd will take you on a journey to somewhere that closely resembles hell in all it's evil glory.

Featuring people who prefer to remain nameless.

Demented fun!

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