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When my good 'ol Pappy founded this company back in the old country that is, he used to sit me on his lap and say "Son, You can take the whore out of the record, but you can never take the records out of the whore". I took this special message to heart when I took over the company and decided to devout my life to continuing this family business. Now many years later, and many records whored to the masses, I often sit in front of my shitbox computer monitor and ponder those sweet words my Pappy used to whisper in my ear. Well anyway thanks for reading my little story here, If you want to buy any of our 'Little Whore Releases at low, low whorin prices' tm You can email me at:


all full length cd's are 15.00 dollars post paid in North America. All EP's are 8.00 same thing.

If you want a cheaper option there is Digital downloads available here:


Paypal is good, Paypal is very good.


Madame Wang

President Little Whore Records




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