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Graphic Acts Of Traffic (GAT) - Self-titiled release

Local E-town Hip-Hop Crew, Komplex, Ace-D And DJ/Producer Specialist Give you a fresh slice of music that represents one of this towns Best Underground Hip-Hop acts. Featuring over 15 tracks, Debut Album.

GAT crew is evolving from mainly battle raps and lyrical attacks to conscious verses, covering topics ranging from the state of hip-hop, national and foreign current events to modern day slavery, war and his own inner existential battles.

Cops say lets give 'em the beats!



Boy Genius - Sampling With Impunity

This album possibly has the most sampled odball artifacts ever to be assembled in one place. Everything from Stephen Hawking to Divine with a million other things thrown in for fun.

This release is what you get when you put a boy in a room with thousands of records and two turntables, Yet this kid is a genius, producing tracks that are clever and strange.

Boy is he ever a Genius!



AmeriCancer - Around Every Dark Corner

Americancer are various sound collages that show how cancerous american culture is. Using Politics as a springboard, the album delves into everything from America's obssession with weight loss too infomercials.

Americancer is an album that is like no other that has been ever produced, each track on this album explores how America is perceived by countries that find it's invading ideology and culture terrifying, and humourous.

You get what you deserve.



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