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Americancer - Same shit different pile





Last Americancer album was released when George Bush took office for the first time, and 911 had just happened. In the roughly ten years the world has changed but Americancer has not. Continuing the tradition of skewering American culture at its most insipid, and spinning it back at your face we present to you their latest creation.




What is Americancer?

You see it everyday, Its american culture that infects other cultures like a cancer.

Why call yourselves that?

Cause we're fans of America, but we are anti-pathy (tic).

Whats it like listening to an Americancer album?

Listening to Americancer is like listening to the last tapes of the Jonestown massacre set to music.

You know their fate, they are doomed, you are hopeless to stop it.

Why America?

why not? You won't find a better subject really.

So whats next for Americancer?

More projects, we really are living in a dire but yet exciting time, the chance that people may slowly be awkening is something that inspires us. When we first started doing these kinds of recordings there was a dfferent landscape than today. Now there is the heightened synthesis of human consciousness that you really need keep on top of to tap into. We also want to do videos cause we were always very visually inspired by things.


To say its a dire album would be inacurrate for there are many moments of levity sprinkled in to either disctract from whats important or to simply amuse. Afterall what culture in the world has given us more "lulz"than America. Only in the land of the free do you find characters from the outer fringes that either repulse or inspire to an exponential degree.


What we have here is pure Americana taken from the extreme angle, distilled, reconfigured, for your listening "pleasure".

The cast of characters are at times recognizable, yet others presented here will be nameless.

Complacency has set in like rigor mortis so sit back and watch the show, Lulz may insue.







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