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Corvid Lorax - Encyclopedia of Insanica


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Corvid Lorax (a.k.a. Karan Singh) Yeah, what can be said of this magnificent creature, possibly the greatest rapper this town has ever seen. Corvid Lorax is back with his third solo project for Little Whore Records! This album my freinds is the greatest thing he's done. This album has been a long time coming, almost two years since it began. Its finally done.

When you hang around the lunatic fringe for as long as Corvid Lorax has it rubs off on you after a little while and you can't help but get a little unhinged from time to time. Luckliy Madame Wang was around when it happened last time with some beats and a mic ready. 17 Tracks in all for you folks, as to not disapoint this album features actual Fringe society rappers for your amusement, featuring Tzadeka, Hypolyte 'A', D.B. Buxton, Pastie, Conspiracy, and newcommer Ali Seifi.


Little Whore records presents:

Encyclopedia of Insanica

About the album:

Corvid Lorax Keeps refining his skills and verse to new extremes and creates a Refreshingly NEW philosophical framework with this album .


What that means is "no one is doing what he's doing"


Really? I would say unconventional.


Encyclopedia Insanica
Songs about Flakey Pastries, Fighting in Carwashes, Flying in the Fog, and Mutant Rasta's are only a few of the crazy subjects Corvid Lorax tackles. True to style no punch in's (bitches) when recording all real and oh so Ill.


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