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Harley Shit Fingers and the Bogus Gambler present:

Riding songs for Father's knee E.P.



Harley Shit fingers is a concept album from artist and producer BOGUS GAMBLER. Riding songs for Father's knee is a album about childhood memories and the purile interactions one had when days were mostly filled with elementary schools and playgrounds. Harley is one of those charaters that populated the past memories and days gone by.

Harley was a strange one but that didnt stop him from trying to lead a normal life. You see through the eyes of an child things seemed normal, but through the eyes of an adult Harley seemed strange and creepy. It only when the mind of an adult begins to process the past do things become more clear. You see Harley was a monster in the making, and you can only see that now, back then it seemed odd but not crazy.

This is album is about and dedicated to Harley, wherever he may be today.



This release is limited to only five hundred and is presented to you on a mini-cd. Mini-cd's can be played on all cd players that have a cd tray.M



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