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Aphelion Star Fragment a Hypolyte 'A' Solo Project


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Hypolyte A (a.k.a. Andre Johnstone) penned his first poetry in Calgary, Alberta at the age of nineteen. During his early twenties, he
honed his spoken word skills performing at parties, festivals and installations in Edmonton, Alberta.
In 2003, Hypolyte A was invited to join Eshod Ibn Wyza. The now defunkt hip hop band burned bright and hot for two dense years.
Eshod’s creative collaboration culminated in nearly forty shows and three releases. Like expanding galaxy clusters in space,
the members of Eshod spun outward. Andre chose to orbit Vancouver, British Columbia.
Gravity being what it is, Hypoyte A recently returned to Edmonton and spent two frenetic weeks spinning out his debut album,
Aphelion Star Fragment.
Stellar members of Edmonton’s spoken word community join him: Tzadeka, Corvid Lorax, Lazarush,
Shima Aisha Robinson, Nineca Bunica, and Field Basansikis. With Madame Wang (Little Whore Records) at the helm, these stars explode;
they create what is, for Hypolyte A, the last Eshod album. What you are holding is the soundtrack to a motion picture that has yet to be
Discover it.



Little Whore records presents:

Aphelion Star Fragment

About the album:

When a star reaches supernova,
the explosion disperses debris
like seeds into the proto-gases
that surround it,
initiating the birth of a new star.
This process takes millions upon millions
of years.

Aphelion Star Fragment,
is about a dying star that breaks apart
upon entering a planet's atmosphere,
a shard from its debris striking and
embedding into the chest of an observer,
and beginning a conversion from
human being to new star.

Aphelion is the observer,
who has journeyed from a great distance
to witness the final throes of Hyperion,
once the mighty Sun God Titan,
now an iron crusted core of a red giant.

Aphelion has waited his whole life to make
contact with this occasion,
so feels destined to experience whatever
results from this cosmic symbiosis.

"Man be to a star what grains of sand
are to space dust- made with some of
the same substance"



After a fragment of this core breaks away and
strikes Aphelion, embedding itself in his chest.
The conversion from mortal to skylight is immediate.

Aphelion is transformed,
his physiology enhanced to exponential

As powerful as he feels.

is also degenerating at a faster rate.
The fuel from this shard of Hyperion is too
much for any human to contain, and it drains Aphelion; not of life, but of his mortality, Also
his connection to the world he has existed in, and
an attachment to his human sense of time and
Aphelion is in risk of collapsing,
like a black hole,before reaching the beginning
of his cycle.

"In between my veins eye feel physiological
strains from that titanium tablet lit like
roman candle- become the vandal once eye occupy
space, absorb every last touch
sound vibrating taste of the
galaxy's gravel"

- Aphelion



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