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BURNDATA - Mastering Noise

Artist Burndata's instant (almost lost) masterpiece of minimalist electronica finally makes it to LWR. After losing the masters to three albums to a police raid, Burndata comes through with one of the supposed lost albums that was fortunatly duplicated and kept in a safehouse.

This stuff is great conceptual digital re-workings of noise only machines can create. One of the most enigmatic and disturbing records on Little Whore Records. This CD is for soundfreaks and the experimental electronic fans. Beware of his hardcore underground skater style that will scare your friends that aren't cool enough to listen too anything but mainstream shite.

A masterpiece of minimalism



Bzdura - My Week Beats your year

Bzdura consists of one solo musician who has been around since 1999 producing really fuckin long tracks. Working with two laptops and a turntable he weaves together various sources of neo-ambience and looped media to create truly unique albums.

This Digital soundscape artist performed this 55:00 min track at Dra-shig studios in January of 2001. The name of the album was inspired by inside liner notes on Lou Reed's album Metal Machine Music. Take a journey into this landscape painted with moving concrete blocks, creepy talking winds, then think the thoughts of dimly lit hallways and shadowy interiors and you get a slice of what this is about.

One long Fucking Track!



gogglepuss - 20 Children's favorites

Going back to his early roots, and I mean very early,...... try baby days.......gogglepuss's second album is a low-fi oddity mixing children's storybook with old school bouncin beats.

Skip-hop & sing along with gogglepuss cause it's safe enough for the kids...or your Mom!

Safe enough for Mom.



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