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Acta non verba - Viva la Vulva








This spontanious and ambidextrous band consisting of Caleb Bradley, Marek Czuba and Bryan Facchin freely interchange experimental sounds, then sprinkle with the crazy sax expressions of Robby V. Hardy. Their sound on this instrumental debut is an extremely rich and powerful mix of Jazz- Fusion, faux-latin rhythms, Avant Fusion and Chamber Rock.

"Acta non Verba creates a challenging style with highly complex rhythmic patterns, unusual breaks, jazzy improvisations and deeply dissonant passages.The band produces some quite interesting grooves, over which guitars, mellotrons and saxophones are free to overdose the sound with some interesting individual performances, while all tracks alternate between heavy and mellow moments."

All in all this album is a strange journey where power meets complexity meets Avant atmospheres.


Caleb Bradley - Bass/Lap steel/Pseudo-tron/Vocals

Bryan Facchin - Keys/Guitar/Roland gr-500

Marek Czuba - Drums/Sampler/Vocals

Robbie V. Hardy - Alto/tenor/soprano saxophones

Additional Vocals Maigan Vandergiessen and Chayaa Aadarshini

Congas/percs - Enrique Escalo







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