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Czuba - Record of a hearing test

Sixteen tracks of pure Anti-musical reinvention and rebirth, Punktronica at heart and expounding on the musical themes explored on his last album. Genre-defying to explain it in one word, yet CZUBA'S most conventional release to date, but dont expect your foot to start tapping to any of this shit! Not for conventional music listeners or dumbass regular people.
Anti-musical Reinvention



Czuba - Broken Machines
What do you get when you have a drugged up musician sampling the sound of a dilapatated coffee machine, or the noise a broken fridge makes. You get a concept album that takes noises of machines in distress to get a unnerving, hellish digital soundscapes. As a bonus you get some pieces of broken machine parts with your CD.
Can i fix your coffee machine?



gogglepuss - You have to work too bitch!

First album by resident artist gogglepuss blends urban beats, 'classroom scare film' tape collage, and unconventional turntabllism, to create a lisenting expereince thats seminal in weirdness.

Easly comparable to DJ Shadow, but more listenalble, and definitely more strange. Also included is a Re-Mixed KID-606 track, and the Hits 'Phunky Fingers' plus 'The only good jibber is a dead one'.

Actual tag not by gogglepuss.



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