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Tzadeka - Piece de resistance





After a almost 4 year wait from their last album Tzadeka returns with a album called "Piece de resistance".

Between recording for a half a dozen other projects and this release vocalist Maigan Vandergiessen has been busy appearing everywhere on LWR releases as well as other people's projects. Her most recent and consuming project has been this album. The 12 tracks culled for this release where carefulluy chosen from over 30 tracks she made with producer Madame Wang. The phrase Piece de resistance gives the sense that the referred-to element is the most outstanding, notable, or definite of the collection, and with this album you get exactly that.

Tzadeka can be best described as Hip-Hop fusion, using elements of Hip-Hop, Jazz and other similiar genres to create hopefully something cool. This is Tzadeka's 2nd album for Little Whore records. Jumping from one style to the next Madame Wang, and fellow musicians provided the songs to heighton Maigan's sultry Jazz intonations.

With special appearances by Corvid Lorax (vocals), Aeyla Williams Vandergiessen (Vocals), Will Whenham (Guitar), Robbie Hardy (Sax), Manny Camara (Electric Guitar), Zenon Salomski (Bass), Bryan Facchin (Guitar).


Limited edition Gatefold limited to only 150 copies.



Visit www.Tzadeka.com for more info.


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