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Welcome to the exciting and ever expanding musical universe of writer, performer, and producer Daniel Benjamin Buxton. A legendary street performer for many years in Edmonton, and more recently, Vancouver, D.B. Buxton has widened his scope in recent years as a sideman, band leader, and producer with projects aplenty and collaborations with the likes of Canadian hip-hop icon Cadence Weapon.

Combining the most soulful voice heard in recent years with pop songwriting chops to spare and a blisteringly intense solo performance style honed from years on the freezing streets, he is surely an artist worthy of rapt attention. Comparisons mostly fail, but certain ones, however ill-informed, seem to persist: think early Van Morrison beating the shit out of Jack White... or Jon Spencer in a blender with John Cale... or early Nick Cave on a drug binge with Rufus Wainwright... Enter, discover, and decide for your self...

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About the album:

Dirty Dance party is an album that is pretty aptly titled, 15 tracks that take you on a sleazy journey through Buxton's life.

The best comparisons of Buxtons album would be like James Brown on acid, mixed with some Frank Zappa all set to dance tracks that Buxton's composed. Content of the songs range all apsects of intersexual relationships to the follies of being a man with huge sexual impulses.

Featured on this album are local heroes Corvid Lorax and Cadence Weapon, with some rounding out production by Producer Madame Wang.

Buxton says his album has a decidedly over-the-top sense of verbal irony, and I would agree with him. The lyrics are pretty harsh in some instances but that what makes this album so fun to listen to.

" here we go- let's all go get dirty
have another pill have another whisky it's only
ten-thirty "

-Buxton in Consolation Prize



"It's the end of the party let me show you the door
no you can't sleep on my couch , no you can't fuck on my floor

It's the end of the party and it's time to go home
there's something you don't wanna know
I loved her last night I loved him last month
but I hate every single one of you

It's the end of the party for you my friends
I'm gonna keep dancing alone
there's only one girl here who understands
she better come and hold my hand
who wants the last dance who wants the last dance
before I kick you all out the door
cause it's my party and I'll do what I want to to
even if that means crawling on the floor"

- Buxton in End of the party


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