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Motel hell - vol 1






A prank call (also known as a prank phone call or crank call) is a form of practical joke committed over the telephone. Prank phone calls began to gain an north american-wide following over a period of many years, as they gradually became a staple of the obscure and amusing cassette tapes traded amongst musicians, sound engineers, and media traders beginning in the late 1970s. Among the most famous and earliest recorded prank calls are the Tube Bar prank calls tapes, which centered around Louis "Red" Deutsch. Comedian Jerry Lewis was an incorrigible phone prankster, and recordings of his hijinks, dating from the 1960s and possibly earlier, still circulate throughout the country to this day.

The 90's saw the emergence of the jerky boys who seemingly re-invented the ideas in prank calling and a result sold over 8 million albums of their 1993 debut, (and a big hollywood film would follow). In retrospect their calls now seem only midly amusing compared to what I would eventually find. You see I was looking for someone who is currently doing it, and I was also looking for someone who was elevating prank calling to an art.

My search for the most insane prank phone callers ended when I discovered a group of adolescents and manchilds congregating on a obscure messaging system. Its really a perfect hiding place for the boderline criminal activity that goes on there night after night. Posing as motel front desk clerks and calling guests with ridiculous, and confrontational situations. Their main goal? To make people rage.

All these calls are real despite the surreal nature of some of them. I can vouch for their authenticity because I have been surrepticiously recording them for the last few months, and presented here are some of the best ones. This cd is 80 min of the most crazy prank calls ever made, and lookout for Vol 2 coming soon!








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